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About “Self”-ishness

I believe that words have meanings.
Meanings that have strong and deep essences.

I still wonder how people can carelessly use the words.
They can accidentally hurt people with what they say, you know.

Here, I’m putting an example : “Do not be selfish!”
How can you not be selfish?
You are a person, with a single consciousness that is called a “self”.
When you are “not” self-ish, then you are not single ?
You are a plural being, with one consciousness.. just like single cellular beings? ants? amoeba? Then you’re not human anymore, are you?
a -selves? shelves?
We are not talking about an organization that consists of selves, are we?
But one, single person ? Me ? You?

Please be “less” selfish !
Now, that’s more acceptable.
By being less selfish then it means that you try to think about other people more. But not losing yourself.

So, please don’t compare me with a great person who you called as so very generous, never mind about him/herself but to serve and give it all to so many other persons. So being not selfish you say…?
Oh, please ! That person is being selfish !
Do you know what he/she had sacrificed? And why did he/she sacrificed it to become what he/she is at the moment?
Don’t you understand that the more persons he/she serves, the less he/she can give?
How ? Why you ask?
Well, obviously because no matter what, that “one” person is only “one” !
He/she can not multiply. So, the more pieces were cut from this single portion, the smaller they will  be.
Then, wouldn’t there be sad people who got lesser attention and care from this such kind and generous person ?

However, I’m not saying that being a kind and generous person is bad. No, not at all ! It’s his/her choice and I respect his/her choice.
Only please, don’t use that statement. Don’t say that he/she is “not” selfish and how I should become like him/her.
Cause, once again, possibly he/she’s the biggest selfish person in the world !
I’m not him/her, I’m my-very-self. Please don’t expect me to copy him/her !

And no, I’m not playing with words. The words are already there and I merely use them the way they meant to be, literally that is .

However, still, I understand what you mean and I’ll let the fact that your words don’t really reflect on what you truly want to say.
I’ll try my best to be a nicer and kinder person.

Thank you for reading my rant to you whoever read this post.
You have my best regards.

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