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Didn’t really realize it (Merry Christmas 2007)

Yeah… this may be sounds cliche ^^;; And I feel like have become so old to say it >_>;;

Back in the old days, I used to hear old people said, ” Wow ! I didn’t realize it that it has ended. It feels just like yesterday when I blablabla….”.

By that time I only smirk and said this in my heart, “poor old people… they didn’t treasure every moment, the very day in their life that they’ve forgotten the time, what time it was and it is. That’s why they don’t realize that it’s already this.. already that..” “I was so lucky when I was still a kid, I treasure everything a lot (which some people call that as being romantic LOL), I remember a lot of stuffs from that time.

That’s why I feel a bit sad today, to realize that I’ve become one of them ^^; I want to say that, “OMG, it’s already Christmas again ! What have I done in this year? I didn’t realize it !” There’s a little regret there.

Through the year, I’ve always lived in tomorrow. I didn’t appreciate every minute I spend, every day I had. I always worried about the deadlines, the life of Jotter (since I’m the manager anyway LOL). I have always needed to be sharp and break into the wild, lead the others. To think about it again, I’ve lived a miserable life XD;; I remember a lot about stuffs in my childhood, but I already hard to remember what I had, who I met in my younghood. Then what about my oldhood ??? ^^;;

Anyway, I’ll still be a person who is beyond today. I only wish for the next upcoming year I can remember a lot of good stuffs and won’t be saying the same again “I didn’t realize” and such stuff. I want to treasure what I have and what I would have.

So people, I wish you a Merry Christmas (2007), a joyful holiday, a miraculous year end and a beautiful exciting New Year (2008). Feliz Navidad !

GBU and stop Global Warming ! ^^

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