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Widget is The Future

I know that I’m not the only person who foresee this. I bet you can find millions of blogs, sites, etc. about how widget will change the world in the near future. Try to put these keywords “widget+advertising” and you’ll find a lot.

One of the result is this one . Very interesting because the author gives 7 reasons why widget is so promising :)

Anyway, I myself would like to add my personal opinion on the topic. And I really really excited with the idea since it’s linked to all of my personal interest such as Google guys, Facebook, and stuffs that beyond today !

However the future of where the widget will become popular as popular as pizza and hotdog is truly near. I presume the market will start to bloom next year when Google would release their gPhone.This point is very important since it has a free and open source Android OS as platform. With their application/software contest, creative single/multi programmers would flood the market not only with genuine application for personal assistance but also widgets of games, news (media), interactive, entertainment, etc.

What does this mean ? This means that publication will spread through connected people that form a niche network ! They want the ad to come to them, they are willing to spread the word of mouth, they are spoiled with instant informations and subscribed in time basis, they are potential customers ! (Have you ever heard about the Blue/Purple Ocean Strategy? This can be the true tool of getting into it)

Any marketer can’t be unsatisfied with those facts ! No matter who you are, what product you are selling (even an artist like me). As long as you have to tell the world that you sell your stuff, widget is a very promising tool. Thus, prospective customers will be happy too since it doesn’t work like random spam (unless some big idiot creates malwares in the form of widgets). A win-win solution it is, I believe.

And the possibilities are still more than what you can see in the next three years. You see, I did mention about the mobile market !

If you realized that developing application did take some time, then what are you waiting for? Are you going to be a follower or the leader?

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