My personalDNA Report LOL

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You are a Benevolent Visionary.

about you :

You are a Visionary

· Your imagination, self-assuredness, and knowledge of the world combine to make you a VISIONARY.
· You have clear notions of how things could be, and the confidence to try to make them that way.
· You enjoy having a routine, and prefer comfort and familiarity to risk and adventure.
· Not needing others’ approval to forge ahead, you are confident in your designs for the future.
· Your imagination allows you to envision the world as a better place.
· You’re better at thinking of the big picture than you are with details, and you can see wonder in abstract things.
· Style and appearances are important to you, and you have a good eye for beauty.
· You are somewhat rigid in your beliefs, which comes from both confidence and an aversion to change.
· You are good at creating works of art in forms with which you’re familiar.

If you want to be different:

· Appreciate the earthly, functional elements of things.
· Your clarity of vision sometimes prevents you from being open to new ideas. Try expanding your horizon of experiences, and experimenting with novel ways of doing things.

how you relate to others :

You are Benevolent

· You are a great person to interact with—understanding, giving, and trusting—in a word, BENEVOLENT
· You don’t mind being in social situations, as you feel comfortable enough with people to be yourself.
· Your caring nature goes beyond a basic concern: you take the time to understand the nuances of people’s situations before passing any sort of judgment.
· You’re a good listener, and even better at offering advice.
· You’re concerned with others at both an individual and societal level—you sympathize with the plights of troubled groups, and you can care about people you’ve never met.
· Considering many different perspectives is something at which you excel, and you appreciate that quality in others.
· Other people’s feelings are important to you, and you’re good at mediating disputes.
· Because of your understanding and patience, you tend to bring out the best in people.

If you want to be different:

· You spend a lot of time taking care of others, but don’t forget to take care of yourself!
· Sometimes you can get overcommitted, and when you sacrifice spending time with those close to you, it can make them feel unimportant.

Your Personality Chart

»Glossary of Traits

This chart shows thirteen personality traits. Each bar indicates the percentage of test takers who entered a lower value for that trait than you did. For example, if Confidence is at 80, that means that 80% of people entered lower values for confidence questions than you did. Based on a sample of 30,000 users. Click here to learn more about the traits.


Low High


Low High


Low High


Low High

Trust in others

Low High


Low High


Low High


Low High


Low High

Attention to style

Low High


Low High


Imaginative Earthy


Functional Aesthetic

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Discussion (2)¬

  1. Mire says:

    hihihi! agree agree~~~ :D
    It has been fun find our results! hohoho
    but sooooooooooo long test!!

  2. joel says:


    yg gw setuju.. extroversionnya tuh gede, trust in othersnya gw liat juga mayan…

    masculinity 46, T_T wew…

    attention to stylenya besar bener… 82 perasaan dandanan lu biasa2 aja…

    nah, yg ini…

    Imaginative Earthy 24

    Functional Aesthetic 64

    ga setuju berat… perasaan imajinasi lu suka kemana2 gitu… jauh pisan… yah, beyond today lah… dan sangat tidak fungsional >.<
    (ga efisien-efisien gitu lah… khayalan lu teh…)


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