Days with Hard Rains & Storms

I’ve thought that It’s a gonna be tough year this year.

And so it’s been difficult. And until today, it’s just getting more and more difficult.

What I find difficult is… to talk with someone who speaks in different language.

Moreover, I’ve just found out that it’s more difficult when this someone don’t want to listen at all.

Bending all of the directions, all of the topics only interpreting according to oneself point and understanding.

Oh, dear, weren’t you listening to me ? What did I say ? What had I just say?

Why do we have to keep talking about irrelevant stories… so much miscommunications.

All I want is you to understand that this won’t work forever. Then we’d have to change, then we’d have to grow up. 

Oh, why won’t you listen to me till the end?

Why you said that you’re understand while you’re only gonna ask me the same thing again at another day ?


Don’t you see that I’m listening to a sad song ? Writing about a sad mom and her daughter?

Don’t you see that I just want to be happy ? Happy by seeing you all enjoy and taste the sweet fruit while we’re seeding and tampering the irons by ourselves. Taking all the dust, all the sweat. Getting the hassles, the fevers instead of you ?

Then, if you can’t see, can’t understand, or even don’t want rather than able to… OK, you can keep doing that,  while I become what you have had in your eyes, your head and your ears. Because we had enough.

We just had enough… and whatever if we’d have to restart, that might be the best for all of us.
Not because that I want to be greedy, not that I’m afraid of losing… but I have to pay for what have lost. For all we’ve given to you all for nothing but jinx saying that it’ll never be enough. I have to fill in the empty jig.

I should’ve known that. I’ve been told that. I’ve tried to change that. But I’ve failed and I give up.
Humans are just too greedy. Until they can’t even see the truth in front of their eyes. Until they fail their logics. Until it rot their hearts and they all are misled.


I’m tired… so tired…


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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported