Guaran Tea

A few days ago, I found this tea branded ‘Guaran Tea’ and in curiosity I did buy it.

I was so curious what’s this tea all about. Claiming as a a friend to work and containing this thing called ‘guarana’.

What the hell is this guarana ??? I took some sips and search in wikipedia and google. Blah ! It tastes like bubble gum >_>;;

I must admit that I don’t really like it T_T;; anyway, I continued searching and found this site.

For you guys who’s too lazy to check the site by yourself I’ll tell you the important points I found out LOL.

So this stuff called guarana is actually a label name for caffeine ! why is the name different ? Because the guarana is extracted from a berry that grows in Venezuela and the northern parts of Brazil named one rather than from coffee beans. But it’s chemically identical with caffeine. That’s the reason why it’s called a friend to work ! At least, you know what effects come from consuming coffee, don’t you ?

After I got the info, I kinda get the taste resemblance of drinking other stamina drink such as Kratingdaeng, Extra Joss etc. Only that it’s tea flavored LOL. And, Brazil has their guaran chocolate, soft drink, chewing gum, syrups etc. as well >_>;; I can’t imagine how would they taste…

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Discussion (5)¬

  1. Mire says:

    yep, u are right!! XD Not good to drink caffeine! But bubble gum!! *________* mmm

    People says Red Bull goes so well! XD jaja! But it’s the same to all that ;D

    GO! GO!! To the research! ^o^

  2. jun says:

    “Red Bull”’s label for Indonesia is “Kratingdaeng” ^^

  3. Eric says:

    you can just drink water. but then again you wouldn’t want to miss the adventure, would you?

    is guaran tea read as “guarantee”? ;)

  4. jun says:

    Ever taste wasabi-flavored pistacchios, bro ? ^^ I did yesterday :D LOL

    yeah.. “guarantee” for sure, heheh

  5. Eric says:

    actually, yes i have taste it. a very good snack for a sleepy day :)


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