In This Blogging Era

i knew it.
it’s pretty difficult for me to write regularly.
it’s always the pattern :
when i’ve got the topics, i’d be too busy with stuffs to write them so. and when i got the time, i rarely able to write. may be because i’m not connected, suddenly got blank, too tired or just become too lazy to.
this morning, i use my gprs connection and write from PDA while i’m waiting for my ride to jakarta ready (VIVA to Wordpress who allow me to do that! though this stinky windows mobile doesn’t allow me to upload/download any files including pictures i’d like to share with you! Boy i’m waiting for the gPhone a lot!). Cause i know if i wait until i get some chance to write from my desktop then i won’t write this post all i’m sure XP
i really admire people who can go blog regularly in this blogging era (open social network + web2.0 they’re saying). i’m wondering about when do they really have some time, get settled and write a post that does take some time? what kind of life they’re living in? routines, being social and such? while i’m pretty sure that some amount of time sucked to this blogging activities? then, they must have been able to manage their schedule well! or.. they don’t have any other schedule but blogging??? -_-;;

many things have happened in those weeks i was absent posting in this blog. so many topics i’ve wanted to write which i was willing to write them one per day. but from now, i guess i’ll just write many in one day as long as i have time and the connection ;P

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  1. Mire says:

    I agree, I can’t do that aswell.. In my blog I writte 1 time… maybe in a month or less! XDD
    I’m not a regular person.. I can’t do regular things in my life coz I get bored.. I will do on here? *Just LOLing at it!* xDDDD

    It’s a bit sad, but there is people that only live about that…


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