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The Wireless Era

Several days ago, I saw the commercial ad of Macbook Air.

What strucked my mind was not how thin it is or the features but the wireless supports.

The slogan is “Without wires, you’re free to go anywhere”. Well, of course ‘anywhere’ as long as there is hot spot, huh?

FYI, Macbook Air offers you the features called Remote Disc (wirelessly use or “borrow” the optical drive of a Mac or PC in the vicinity. So you can have full access to an optical drive without having to haul one around though you can plug in any external optical drive), migration/transfer all of your files and other valuable content from your old Mac to your new MacBook Air wirelessly, Time Capsule — the new hard drive plus Wi-Fi base station — lets you use Time Machine to wirelessly back up your files, Wireless movie rentals through iTunes.

a Macbook Air+ an external optical drive + Time Capsule = big baggage T_T;;

Anyway, what made me really excited is not those “puny achievement” like that. But it is the fact that my prediction last year is going to happened soon ! Well, ok, may be not really my ‘prediction’ but it’s like my dream of the future ^^

I said to my friend once, I dream about how everything will go wireless. Your cellphones, PDAs, laptops, notebooks would act only as ‘clients’ which don’t need to have massive data storage for all of your application softwares, files, music, photos, bookmarks, etc. Those data will be held by ’servers’ that are online in the virtual world which we can access through hot spots. For the area that uncovered by any hot spot, the connection will have to go through satellite redirecting.

In short, your hard disk drive will be online ! And it’s absolutely possible. Look at the google/yahoo/microsoft live email service, social bookmarking service, hosting sites such as rapidshare/megaupload, etc. We do store our data there, and the capacity is just getting bigger and bigger along with the data connection/bandwith technology improvements.

Imagine a small handheld gadget which functions are not limited to so be called phone, PDA, laptop or anything else. It will be general multi-functioned. Every person will personalize it by installing his/her own customized “clients” (like some java-applets and such).

Imagine someday when you want to play World of Warcraft MMORPG, you don’t have to install any gigs of client files. You’d only have to open its homepage, login and play !

Because all of the data needed is really in the air ! (Now that’s what I called there’s something in the air!) Now, isn’t that COOL ?!

*quoting Steve Jobs


It IS cool ! Only there’s some turn offs on the technology. The security issue is very concerning. What if someone could break into the database or sabotage the servers? The effect will be much larger than what if it happened now where the data is partially stored in our personal drives. Important data loss will make the world chaos (just like in Die Hard 4). Would the database be really private? And some other reasons you can think about.

Oh, well anyway, now I can only wait till this dream, my dream, comes true and I’ll shout out loudly, “See ! I’ve told you !” LOL

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