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The Price to Know About the (Inconvenient) Truth

I went to Kinokuniya, Jakarta last week. There, I found a book written by our famous nobel winner Mr. Al Gore.

I took a glance in it and found that the book IS good! One of the facts he explains is that it is too late to try to save the world by reducing pollution, stop the breaking of mother earth. The north pole has reduced its size to only about 2/3 from before in just few years! The Earth could become a water world in just decades ! Sounds long enough ? NO ! How old is your grandfather and grandmother do you think ? Do the math and imagine you’ll spend your old days in the tub accompanying your grandsons and granddaughters to undersea pre-school.
That means that we need radical efforts to stop the corruption immediately at once, plus more than just “trying” we must start to save the earth in obvious ways! (not reducing the problem but adding the resolution already!)

And how much impossible work could that be?! VERY MUCH! (not impossible of course)

Why? Here’s a reason Mr. Al Gore,

People in 3rd rate developing country mainly still only matter what they should eat tomorrow and the day after. There’s no place in their wasted brain and empty moneybag for the issue. (uh, but please don’t generalize us, ok)
what save my @$$ when I’m not even sure if i could save my own live for another week !

Anyway, my main concern here is.. the price of the book! $20 is roughly about Rp 200 000,-

That price is still too much for us ! An all-you-can-eat buffet in an almost expensive Japanese restaurant costs you Rp.70 000 - 80 000,-

For a book that tells about stuffs that “almost” being hidden by much people who take advantage from you (like the oil company, timber company, and such), it’s like you’re not willing to tell this truth anyway.

It must be not true that such a good and important book like this and such informations has to have such an expensive price! Such… such !

Do you mean that only rich people who may get access to the information and can save the world?

Here’s a suggestion, Mr. Why don’t you release a translated version with lower quality printings as many as possible like Wikipedia do as alternative so that more people able to read and understand the truth here.

Yes, that inconvenient truth.

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